Saturday, January 23, 2016

Km 13

I want the whole world know about us.
About our war , our tears, our smile, our lough, our joy and what that make us a strong hearted person.

I want the whole world to know about this no longer exist course,
Course that teach us the meaning of mental and physical strength and emotional strength of course!

It was the course that would be the reasons for plenty of tears,
You can't resist that you've once voice these out...

"I want to change the course,"
"I can't handle this "
"I can't afraid I can't finish it"

Who know about our credit hours?
Its not just 'creadit hours', it covers most of our lifetime,
Not just weekdays, we have weekend classes,
Not just days, we have night classes,
Sometimes, you have no time to meet others and the worst thing is, other students tought we are antisocial.. hey!! What did you know about us? Nothing ok! Nothing.....

Who knows about our pointer?
It not just 'pointer' , it could determine our next path, whether we keep on track or maybe we may stuck somewhere or the worst, we may stuck again and again.
Who cares about getting 4 flat, when 3.00 can make you cry gratefully.

Who knows about our semester break?
Our semester break have its own definition. Its not the moment you get close to your family or holiday time defined by some students. Its actually, a period where they take advantages to complete the 4 credits course.

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